Annual Report and Regulatory Assurance Statement

The EPA Annual Report summarises the activities and performance of the EPA, against measures in the EPA Strategic Plan. The Regulatory Assurance Statement assesses the EPA's performance as a regulator each year.

This year’s report includes a summary of some of the EPA's key achievements from our strategic plan and a three-year results table that tracks performance of selected indicators.

The EPA Annual Report 2018–19 (PDF 7.9MB) highlights a productive year in which the EPA worked with business, government and the community to address significant human health and environmental issues. 

Key highlights in 2018–19 included

  • a 57% reduction in drink container litter since the container deposit scheme, Return and Earn, began in December 2017
  • EPA assuming responsibility for coordinating the management of asbestos issues through the NSW Asbestos Coordination Committee
  • leading reforms to the rules for public native forestry in coastal NSW to improve regulation and enforceability
  • collaborating with the City of Newcastle and Maitland City Council on a campaign to encourage battery recycling
  • EPA grants supporting Aboriginal communities to reduce waste through innovative community engagement programs 
  • 57 successful prosecutions resulting in $748,210 in penalties for environmental offences (page 91)
  • making it easier to calculate monetary benefit orders, which strip environmental offenders of the financial advantage they gained from breaking the law (page 45).

The EPA Board’s Regulatory Assurance Statement assesses the EPA's performance as a regulator each year, including how industries regulated by the EPA performed, and makes recommendations for overall improvements.

Correction: Page 49 of the Annual Report under the heading Auditing licensees to improve environmental performance, refers to percentage figures of 60% - 80% - this should have referred to points, used to determine the environmental management category under the risk based licensing system not a percentage of licence fees. The EPA Regulatory Assurance Statement, on page 29 under Industry performance, presents this more clearly.


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