New South Wales State of the Environment reporting

The State of the Environment 2018 is available on a new interactive web platform.

The NSW State of the Environment 2018 is released every three years by the EPA. It describes the health of our environment – our land, water, air and ecosystems, and urban environment, at a state-wide level.  You can find it at

The NSW State of the Environment report

  • provides credible, robust, statewide environmental information for the NSW Government, decision makers, business and the community
  • assesses the status and condition of major environmental resources in NSW and examines environmental trends 
  • describes pressures that affect the environment and responses to those pressures. 

The report is prepared under section 10 of the Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991 and is tabled in Parliament. Much of the information originates from a wide range of government agencies and independent specialists who provide data, information, analysis and interpretation, as well as reviewing the content of the report.

The 2018 report is the latest NSW State of the Environment report and continues to build on valuable time-series data of previous reports. For the first time the 2018 Report has been published through an innovative and interactive web platform providing greater access, key indicators and trends at a glance.

Most states and territories of Australia produce their own detailed SoE reports. At a national level SoE reporting is conducted every five years by the Australian Government Department of the Environment.

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