Units | State of the Environment 2015

µ micro (10–6)

µg microgram (10–6 grams)

µg/m3 micrograms per cubic metre

µm micrometre (10–6 metres)

µS/cm microSiemens per centimetre

cm centimetre

CO2-e carbon dioxide equivalent units (see Glossary)

GL gigalitres (109 litres)

GL/y gigalitres per year

Gt gigatonne

GWh gigawatt-hour

ha hectare

kg kilogram

kL kilolitre (103 litres)

km kilometre

km2 square kilometres

kWh kilowatt-hour

L litre

m metre

m3 cubic metre

ML megalitre (106 litres)

mm millimetre

Mt megatonne (106 tonnes)

MW megawatt (106 watts)

pH measure of acidity or alkalinity

PJ petajoule (1015 joules)

ppm parts per million

t tonne

y year

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