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cover if the strategic plan showing tree studded grassland with mountains in the distanceOn 29 July 2021 we launched our Strategic Plan 2021–24. This document describes how we care for the environment, protecting and enhancing it today and into the future.

The plan identifies five key areas of focus for the next three years.

  1. Ecologically sustainable development
  2. Waste
  3. Water quality
  4. Legacy and emerging contaminants
  5. Climate change

This chapter shows some of the important work we’ve done in these five areas in 2021–22.

We’ve also identified five regulatory priority areas for the coming twelve months. These areas will be our focus for 2022–23: where we’ll direct our energy, efforts and activities to achieving environmental and human health outcomes. They are as follows.

  1. Climate change outcomes
  2. Waste strategy implementation
  3. Plastic ban implementation
  4. Compliance prioritisation to address foreseeable environmental challenges
  5. Improving our ‘front door’ customer service

In addition, we’ve identified our compliance priorities for 2022–23. These reinforce our position as an independent regulator, our principles, and our core compliance priorities for keeping safe people and the NSW environment.

Read more about the work we've done this year.

officer measuring the base of a tree gazes up to the canopy 

Ecologically sustainable development

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man with compost in a wheelbarrow in front of a row of people with green-lid bins 


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giant drink can and cigarette butt, part of the litter campaign outside the overseas passenger terminal with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background 

Water quality

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blue drums marked hazardous with an industrial complex across the lake 

Legacy and emerging contaminants

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Farmer leans against a dead tree and gazes at a dry and dusty landscape 

Climate change

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