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New South Wales State of the Environment
People and the Environment Climate Change Human Settlement Atmosphere Land Water Biodiversity  

List of maps

People and the Environment

Map 1.1 Relief map of NSW

Map 1.2 Trend in annual total rainfall, 1950–2008

Map 1.3 Drought declared areas in NSW, July 2009

Map 1.4 Residential density, Sydney Metropolitan Area

Climate Change

Map 2.1 Projected increases in seasonal average maximum temperatures by 2050

Map 2.2 Projected changes in rainfall to 2050

Human Settlement





Map 5.1 Soil condition (health) index

Map 5.2 Main land degradation pressures within soil monitoring units

Map 5.3 Index of land management within capability

Map 5.4 Sites regulated and remediated under the CLM Act and EHC Act


Map 6.1 SRA assessment of river health in the Murray–Darling Basin, 2008

Map 6.2 Exceedences of ANZECC trigger levels for total phosphorus in streams and rivers across NSW, 2005–08

Map 6.3 Extraction from groundwater aquifers as a percentage of the long-term average extraction limit, 2007–08

Map 6.4 Compliance with swimming water quality guidelines at beach and estuary monitoring sites, 2007–08 summer swimming season

Map 6.5 Population pressures and catchment disturbance in NSW estuaries and coastal lakes


Map 7.1 Native vegetation extent

Map 7.2 Native vegetation condition classification

Map 7.3 National parks and forests reserves, marine parks and aquatic reserves in NSW

Map 7.4 Reservation of bioregions in NSW

Map 7.5 Distribution and abundance across NSW of widespread pest animals with a high impact

Map 7.6 Distribution and abundance across NSW of new and emerging pest animal species

Map 7.7 Distribution of new and emerging weeds in NSW

Appendix 1


Appendix 2


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