Wood smoke control options

Economic analysis

As exploratory work, AECOM was commissioned to complete a study to determine whether various wood smoke control measures could supplement or replace existing strategies to reduce particle (PM2.5 and PM10) and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions associated with the operation of domestic solid fuel heaters.

The study assessed the net benefit (in terms of health and costs to consumers, industry and government) of single control options (termed ‘core’ options) and combinations of core options.

The final report on the Economic appraisal of wood smoke control measures (WoodsmokeControlReport.pdf, 1.3MB) is available for download.

Public discussion paper

In 2012, the Environment Protection Authority prepared a public discussion paper on wood smoke issues and options for future controls for NSW. The discussion paper briefly summarised:

  • the issues and health impacts of wood smoke pollution
  • the way wood smoke pollution is currently controlled in NSW
  • a set of potential new local government wood smoke control measures and a statutory implementation framework that would empower councils to target areas where additional controls would result in the greatest health benefits.

Download the discussion paper Options for local government wood smoke control in NSW (PDF, 1MB).


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