Werris Creek monitoring station

The Werris Creek monitoring station is located within the south-eastern part of the Namoi region. Commissioned in September 2012, this station monitors PM2.5 and PM10. Site is representative of ambient air quality conditions in the town of Werris Creek.

Monitoring station name Werris Creek
Latitude (degrees) -31.354675
Longitude (degrees) 150.653392
Easting (m) 276,783
Northing (m) 6,528,710
Site elevation (m) TBC






*Invalid results between 10/8/22 and 18/8/22 were investigated by a technician and have been resolved.


Note: Data between 08/06/2021 and 12/06/2021 is invalid due to heavy rainfall events and technological issues. This issue has been rectified.


* Note: The Werris Creek monitor had frequent callibration errors during April 2020 and first week of May 2020.The issue has been resolved as of 6 May 2020.


Please note that from the beginning of 2019, air quality data will be presented in a single consolidated spreadsheet for each month to make the data easier to access and view. The spreadsheet for the current month will be overwritten with an updated version each week to present the most available up to date data possible.

* Note: PM2.5 data for the period 17January 2019 to 5 February 2019 was rendered invalid due to a vacuum pump seal failure following a power interruption at approx. 19:50hrs on 16 January 2019. Repairs occurred on 5 February 2019.

** Note: The Werris Creek  monitor suffered a technical fault on 07-06-2019 that compromised the integrity of the data. Technicians have rectified the issue on 13-06-2019. Data recorded between 07-06-2019 and 13-06-2019 has all been treated as invalid.

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