Reducing motor vehicle emissions

Learn how to pick a greener vehicle with Clean Cars for NSW, and how the EPA regulates emissions from vehicles and service stations.

Clean Cars for NSW is one element of the NSW Government's Cleaner Vehicles Action Plan. This guide explains the NSW clean car benchmarks, an environmental rating system that will help new car buyers choose between models: Clean Cars for NSW (PDF, 209KB)

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Part 4 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation covers motor vehicles and Part 8 covers motor vehicle fuels (petrol).

Approved Methods for the Sampling and Analysis of Air Pollutants in NSW: These are the methods to be used for sampling and analysing air pollutants for statutory purposes. They cover pollutants in emissions from stationary sources, including continuous monitoring of such emissions; pollutant emissions from motor vehicles; components in, and properties of, petroleum products; and pollutants in ambient air.

Smoky vehicles: The smoky vehicle enforcement program aims to reduce vehicle emissions to air by ensuring owners properly maintain their vehicles. A smoky vehicle is any motor vehicle that emits visible smoke continuously for over 10 seconds. For more detailed information and online reporting forms, go to the smoky vehicles webpages.


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