Air: NSW overview

The EPA works with other government agencies, industry, and the community to keep our air clean. Find out how to report smoky vehicles or other air pollution to us, and how environment protection licences for industry help control air pollution.

The EPA’s framework for action on improving air quality includes

Working with industry

The EPA issues environment protection licences to the owners or operators of various industrial premises that are scheduled under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. Licence conditions relate to

  • complying with the law to prevent and monitor pollution
  • improving performance through pollution reduction studies and programs
  • cleaner production through implementing best practice.

The EPA works with industry to encourage innovation and the use of science and technology to improve air quality. Current projects include

Working with government

The EPA works with government agencies and local councils to reduce air pollution from

The EPA works with experts to research issues relating to air pollution. For example, the EPA commissioned the CSIRO to examine levels of methane from land uses including landfills, agriculture and natural processes, leading to a valuable snapshot of key methane emissions sources in NSW.

The EPA supports local government in reducing air emissions from local domestic, commercial and industrial sources in their area.

Working with the community

The EPA encourages the community to

The EPA works with community committees in regional NSW to tackle emissions from major polluting industries such as coal mines.


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