What you can do about smoky vehicles

There are many positive things that individuals can do to clean up the environment at home, at work and in our leisure time.

One of the most important things we can do is use our vehicles responsibly and use public transport or car pooling when we can. Apart from reporting smoky vehicles to EPA, we can all help reduce pollution from our motor vehicles and lessen our impact on the environment by following these tips:

  • keep the vehicle tuned to manufacturers standards and ensure that it is not emitting smoke Don't Get Reported -here's how
  • when your car is in tune, remember that it doesn't need to be revved to warm up
  • keep your tyres pumped to the correct pressure to keep down fuel use and cost. The vehicle will handle better and braking will be more responsive
  • remove excess weight from the car boot and remove the roof racks when not in use. This improves fuel economy
  • smooth and less frequent braking and accelerating reduces wear and tear on your vehicle (and your nerves) - one study shows that driving less aggressively can reduce your fuel usage by as much as 30 per cent
  • don't tamper with your vehicle's emission control equipment
  • when filling your tank, remember that one click from the pump indicates the tank is full - this will help to ensure you don't spill fuel and release fumes to the air.


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