2013 Calendar Year Air Emissions Inventory for the Greater Metropolitan Region in NSW

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Technical Report
Consolidated Natural and Human-Made Emissions: Results

Emissions to Area Report Analysis: Excel Workbook Instructions

  • Main report (130766AEITR8EmissionstoAreaInstructions, 8.5MB)

The accompanying Microsoft Excel workbooks are contained in zip archives and include both annual and monthly emissions data for select substances in the Greater Metropolitan Region during the 2013 calendar year. The workbooks are functionally identical to the 2008 workbooks; hence the 2008 workbook instructions provided at the link above are applicable to the 2013 workbooks. The emissions data used in the workbooks are also provided below as .csv text files.

Emissions to Area Report Analysis for Criteria Pollutants: Annual Emissions
Emissions to Area Report Analysis for Criteria Pollutants: Monthly Emissions

Air Emissions in My Community web tool: 2003–2013 Database tables

The tables comprising the web tool database (including 2003, 2008 and 2013 inventory data) may be downloaded below.

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