Radiation monitoring

Personal monitoring devices

Under clause 29 of the Protection from Harmful Radiation Regulation 2013 an employer must ensure that employees who are occupationally exposed to the use of ionising radiation for any one of the purposes listed under this clause are issued with appropriate approved personal monitoring devices (PMDs) for detecting and measuring cumulative exposure to ionising radiation.

The clause also specifies that an occupationally exposed person has an obligation to wear the device while involved in the use of ionising radiation.

Clause 30 requires that an employer must ensure that a record of exposure is kept for each occupationally exposed person to whom a PMD is issued.

Personal radiation monitoring: Information for employers and employees has more information on radiation monitoring.

Approval of PMDs and providers

Under the requirements of Division 2 of the Regulation the EPA may approve PMDs used in NSW.

If you are a provider of PMDs, you can access more information on the criteria required for the approval of PMDs and their providers

 PMD providers

A list of approved PMD providers is available on this website.

Area monitoring devices

Under clause 31 of the Regulation, the Chairperson of the EPA may direct an employer to ensure that specified premises are equipped with approved area monitoring devices to monitor the presence and level of radiation on the premises.

Maintenance of monitoring devices

Under clause 32 of the Regulation, employers must ensure that all monitoring devices issued or installed under Division 2 of the Regulation are checked, maintained and calibrated in accordance with Radiation Guideline 1: Monitoring Devices (PDF 121KB)

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