Operation Clean Sweep

Operation Clean Sweep NSW is now targeting the leakage of nurdles and all plastic feedstock into the environment.

This program is run in partnership with the NSW EPA and NGO Tangaroa Blue and will work with industry and local councils. The program will provide education, advice, and control measures to stop plastic feedstock used in the manufacturing of plastic products from entering waterways.

This program is being delivered as part of the NSW Plastics Action Plan 2021.

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Solving the plastic feedstock problem

Plastic feedstock is a major environmental problem if not managed properly. It has toxic and harmful impacts on the environment and the food chain. It is also difficult and expensive to clean up (mostly because of their tiny size). The most effective way to reduce the amount of plastic feedstock entering the environment is proper management and handling upstream in the production and manufacture chain.

The regulation of plastic feedstock in NSW

If plastic feedstock escapes into the environment local councils are usually the regulatory agencies responsible, including for:

  • pollution of beaches, estuaries, tidal lakes, rivers, creeks, streams, and lakes
  • water pollution of stormwater drains and channels and
  • pollution from a premise operated by private industry and where there is no environment protection license.

Through Operation Clean Sweep NSW the NSW EPA is partnering with local councils to improve the regulation of plastic feedstock.