Bin Trim tool for reducing business waste

Bin Trim is a simple tool to help businesses measure their waste, and find out how to waste less and save more.

worker with a paper compressing machineIt’s never been easier for Councils and waste experts to use the Bin Trim app to better manage business waste. 

Council officers and waste industry experts can now access the Bin Trim app to undertake waste assessments for their own sites and for business stakeholders and clients. Use Bin Trim to access waste and recycling data from various industry sectors and locations at the click of a button. Visit the free Bin Trim app and get started today.

Two women sitting at a table looking at the Bin Trim app on a laptop

With the Bin Trim app, businesses can reduce their waste, while saving time and money – and caring for the environment. Join more than 36,000 businesses that have diverted over 115,000 tonnes of waste from landfill with Bin Trim. Find an assessor and book a free Bin Trim assessment for your business.

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