Radiation security assessors

The EPA accredits radiation security assessors to perform certain functions relating to source security plans and source transport security plans prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Protection from Harmful Radiation Act 1990.

Plans must be reviewed by an assessor accredited by the EPA. The assessor must endorse the plan by stating that it satisfactorily sets out how the source will be protected from unauthorised access and that the plan meets all the requirements for security plans set out in the Act and Regulation.

When changes to the security or classification of a source occur, a revised plan must be re-endorsed by an assessor. In the case of some minor amendments that do not change the security measures that apply to the source, re-endorsement is not required. Source security plans and source transport security plans provide more details.

Accredited radiation security assessors

The Protection from Harmful Radiation Act 1990 requires that a person must not carry on any of the activities prescribed as activities of a radiation security assessor unless they have been accredited by the EPA as a Radiation Security Assessor (RSA).

The Protection from Harmful Regulation 2013 prescribes the activities of an Radiation Security Assessor. A Radiation Security Assessor can only undertake activities as provided in their conditions of accreditation.

The EPA accredits individuals who:

  • are a Nationally Accredited Radiation Security Advisor accredited by Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) under the national radiation security advisors accreditation scheme. For further information refer to ARPANSA security of radioactive material. Enquiries may also be directed to ARPANSA's Security and Community Safety Team: sourcesecurity@arpansa.gov.au.
  • provide certification of successful completion of the ARPANSA accredited course: Vocational Graduate Certificate in Radiation Security.

To apply for accreditation as a Radiation Security Assessor complete the form below and submit.

Recognition of assessors from another Australian state or territory or New Zealand

From 1 December 2022, if you are registered in an equivalent occupation in another Australian state or territory (besides Queensland), you may be entitled to work in NSW under automatic mutual recognition (AMR). If eligible for AMR, you may no longer need to apply for, or renew, a NSW radiation security assessor accreditation but will need to notify the EPA of your intention to work in NSW. Find out more about automatic mutual recognition and if you are eligible.

If you wish to work in NSW but are not eligible or do not want to rely on AMR, you may be able to apply for or renew a NSW radiation security assessor accreditation under the existing mutual recognition scheme – complete the form below attaching the necessary documents.

AMR does not extend to New Zealand occupational registrations and licences. The existing Trans-Tasman mutual recognition arrangements continue to apply – complete the form below attaching the necessary documents.

Fees for accreditations

There is credit card payment fee of 0.4%.

  • The application fee for a new accreditation is $504. An additional fee of $252 applies if the application is complex and is referred to the Radiation Advisory Council.
  • The fee for a 1 year renewal is $378.
  • The fee for a simple variation to an accreditation is $126. An additional fee of $252 applies to non-standard (complex) applications that are referred to the Radiation Advisory Council.

The applications process usually takes seven working days.

For any enquiries please contact the Regulatory and Compliance Support Unit on 9995 5700 or at dgrp.licensing@epa.nsw.gov.au.

Accredited radiation security assessors




Contact number

Chris La Greca Sydney 2000 clagreca@ipp.com.au (02) 8272 7200
Peter Bourke Hughes 2605 pbourke@tpgi.com.au  0403 646 955

Application for accreditation - radiation security assessor

Use this form if you are seeking to be accredited by the EPA as a radiation security assessor, to:

  • review security plans or amended security plans to assess whether the plans are made or amended in accordance with section 14 of the Radiation Control Act 1990 (the Act)
  • endorse on security plans that the plan, or plan as amended, satisfies the requirements of section 14 of the Act.

To find out more about security of sealed radioactive sources and Radiation Security Assessor accreditation:

Applicant details

Note: In making this application, you agree to have your name, suburb/postcode and contact number published on the EPAs website, if you are approved as a radiation security assessor. Please indicate which details you prefer for publication.

Qualifications and experience
Please attach qualifications, including any relevant registration, accreditation or training courses, to support your application. You will need to have copies of qualifications certified by one of the following:
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Notary Public
  • Commissioner of the Court
  • solicitor with a current practising certificate.

Application for accreditation as a radiation security assessor under mutual recognition

See the EPA webpage Radiation user licence: application for user licence under mutual recognition arrangements for information on this topic.

To apply for a NSW radiation security assessor accreditation under mutual recognition, complete this application form and attach:

  • a statutory declaration
  • a copy of your current accreditation gained in another Australian state or territory, or in New Zealand. This must be certified as described under Qualifications and experience above
  • the applicable application fee.

Fit and proper persons
Has the applicant ever:

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions you must attach a statement setting out the specific circumstances and why those circumstances should not prevent you from holding an accreditation. In determining whether a person is a fit and proper person, the EPA may take into consideration any or all of the factors listed in section 5(1) of the Radiation Control Act 1990.

Note 1: 'Relevant legislation' means:

  1. the Radiation Control Act 1990 and Regulations
  2. legislation of any other Australian jurisdiction relating to radiation control or protection, and
  3. legislation (including legislation that has been repealed or legislation of another jurisdiction) prescribed by the Regulations.


I declare that the information I have supplied in this application is not false or misleading in a material particular.

Application fees

You must send an application fee with this form. The fee is exempt from GST (goods and services tax).

Accreditation application fee

$504 (for 2023–24)

This fee applies if you provide us with all the required information and meet all the relevant criteria for the accreditation.

Non-standard (complex) application fee

$756 (for 2023–24)

This fee applies if your application is referred to the Radiation Advisory Council.
Payment details

Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT). Payment must be in Australian dollars. 

Payment by EFT must be deposited to the following account:


Westpac Banking Corporation

Account Name   

EPA Operating Account


032 001

Account No.

170 737


Please quote your name

We need the remittance advice to able to process your application. Please email the remittance advice on the day you make the payment to dgrp.licensing@epa.nsw.gov.au.


  1. If we approve the application we will send you a user licence with the variation.
  2. Your ‘personal information’ is collected and held by the EPA. The information is collected in order to process and consider your application. If you don’t supply all the information we ask for, we can’t process your application. The information may be used for other purposes relating to the administration and enforcement of the Radiation Control Act 1990. You have a right to access or correct your ‘personal information’ in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.
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