Area monitoring devices

Under clause 31 of the Protection from Harmful Radiation Regulation 2013 the Chair of the EPA may direct an employer to ensure that specified premises are equipped with approved area monitoring devices to monitor the presence and level of radiation on the premises.

Portable area monitoring devices

Portable area monitoring devices, often known as survey meters or portable monitors, are used to measure external ionising radiation dose rates or levels of radioactive contamination on surfaces.

Fixed area monitoring devices

External radiation monitor

A fixed area monitor for external ionising radiation is used in a specific location to indicate variations in the radiation field and provide an alarm if the radiation dose rate, or the integrated radiation dose at that location exceeds a specified level.

Airborne radioactive contaminants monitor

A fixed area monitor for airborne radioactive contaminants is used in a specific location to measure the concentration of radionuclides in the air. It may provide an alarm if the airborne concentration exceeds a pre-determined level.

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