Pesticide application record

An example pesticide application record form for people who use pesticides to use to record their pesticide use.

Print this sample pesticide application record, or download a pdf version you can fill in on screen.

Address of the property where pesticide was applied


Day, month and year of the application. Best practice is to include the start and finish times.


Operator details
Full name, address and contact details of the person applying the pesticide. If you employed someone or used a contractor to apply the pesticide record your details and their details.


Crop and situation
E.g. mature wheat or cotton – five-leaf stage. Fence-line weed control. Record spraying of fallow land and any pesticides used in and around crops. Consider recording the target pest.


Full name of pesticide
Record the full product name as on the label including the active ingredient and dose of all pesticides used, e.g., Roundup (glyphosate 540) or Bayfidan250EC Fungicide.


Application rate
Application rate as per label instructions, e.g.2litres per hectare


Total quantity applied
E.g. the total amount of the mix used including water, oil and pesticide concentrate, the total amount of pesticide concentrate in a mix, and the area treated (square metres or hectares)


Blocks or areas sprayed
Description of the area sprayed e.g. Paddocks A, and F. or field A, southern corner of property. Consider using a farm map. Include the order and time areas were sprayed e.g. first, second, third.


Estimated wind speed and direction
Use an anemometer or the Beaufort scale, e.g. 2km/h / NNE or Scale 1 / NNE.

Record significant wind changes during spraying.


Other weather details
Record any weather conditions specified on the product label or APVMA permit, e.g. if the label says, ‘Do not apply when temperatures are above 30°C’, record the temperature at the start of application and any significant temperature changes during spraying.


More information
If required on the product label, record other information, e.g. spray equipment.



  • This is a sample record keeping form. It is not compulsory to use this format, but you must include the information in this example in your record.
  • A record of pesticide use must be made as soon as possible, and no later than 48 hours after the pesticide is used.
  • Records must be made in English and must be kept for at least 3 years.
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