Reporting noisy motor vehicle exhaust

By reporting noisy exhaust from motor vehicles, you help the EPA minimise people’s exposure to motor vehicle pollution and ensure vehicle owners understand the noise regulations and know what to do to repair their vehicle.

The EPA can act on reports of noise from vehicle exhaust. For reporting noise from car alarms, loud sound systems, idling or other causes, phone or email Environment Line.

Report noisy vehicles

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Report motor vehicle pollution on the go using Report to EPA from your mobile.

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Environment Line’s experienced staff will take your report by phone (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

 To report by fax or email, contact Environment Line

  • by email:
  • by fax: 02 9995 5911

Noisy vehicle report: information needed

  • Your name and phone number: your personal information is private and protected by the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. Your personal details will never be passed on to the owner of the vehicle. See your privacy rights.
  • When the EPA set up the noisy vehicle reporting service, some anonymous reports were false. Eliminating these saves the EPA time spent following up false claims and enables a more efficient service.

  • Vehicle registration plate details: the six-digit vehicle registration number and state of registration help the EPA locate the owner of the vehicle. Vehicles registered in NSW, ACT, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria can be reported. For Northern Territory, Tasmania or Western Australia registered vehicles, contact the relevant state agency.
  • Description of the vehicle: include the vehicle’s make, model, colour and type if you can. This information helps the EPA identify any mistakes such as a registration plate number being misread or mistyped, by cross-checking the two pieces of information.
  • Location: provide the street and suburb where you saw the noisy vehicle. 
  • Date and time: provide the date and time you saw the noisy vehicle.

Submit your report within 14 days of observing a noisy vehicle. NSW legislation requires fines to be issued within a certain time of the incident occurring and the EPA applies similar criteria to advisory letters sent to noisy vehicle owners.

Ensure your safety

  • Never use your mobile phone while driving. Pull over or ask a passenger to record the details.
  • If recording the details affects your concentration or driving, let another member of the public, the police or an authorised officer report the noisy vehicle.

Noisy vehicle report: EPA action

If the vehicle’s details are matched with a vehicle registration, the EPA will send the vehicle’s owner a letter advising them to have their vehicle checked. The letter also outlines the penalties associated with noisy exhaust.

The EPA will order the owner to take their vehicle to an EPA approved station for noise testing and inspection if

  • there have been previous reports sent to the EPA about them having a noisy vehicle
  • the  vehicle is reported by many members of the public
  • the vehicle is reported by an authorised officer

If tests reveal the vehicle exhaust noise levels exceed the legal limit, and the owner fails to rectify the exhaust noise level and present the vehicle for reinspection, the EPA may suspend the vehicle registration.

More information about owning a noisy vehicle.

Legislation and enforcement

The Protection of the Environment (Noise Control) Regulation 2017 makes it an offence to use a vehicle on the road that emits excessive exhaust noise.

The Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 gives the EPA the authority to take action against vehicles with noisy or defective exhaust.

More information about motor vehicle noise legislation and enforcement.


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