Construction noise

The EPA sets noise limits in environment protection licences to minimise noise from construction. The Interim construction noise guideline (2009) guides the EPA in setting appropriate conditions in licences, and also helps councils to decide whether to approve proposed local construction projects.

Following a review of the Interim construction noise guideline (PDF 1.2MB), the EPA has prepared a Draft construction noise guideline (PDF 647KB) to modernise and improve the guidelines. 

The draft guideline holds people who manage construction projects to account for their environmental performance, by ensuring that construction noise is assessed, planned and managed in a risk-based manner within a framework to drive construction practices that minimise noise impacts on the community. This includes credible community engagement and transparent justification of proposed impact mitigation measures.

The Draft Construction Noise Guideline public consultation closed on 30 April 2021 and feedback is currently under review.

Once the consultation process is complete, this feedback will be used to produce a final guideline to replace the Interim Construction Noise Guideline. 

The Interim Construction Noise Guideline will remain applicable for projects with licence or consent conditions that refer to it.  

Alternatives to ‘beeper’ alarms for construction equipment

The EPA funded research into alternatives to reversing ‘beeper’ alarms for use on construction equipment in response to stakeholder feedback. See the Review of alternatives to ‘beeper’ alarms for construction equipment (PDF 1.3 MB) which put forward the alternative of using a broadband alarm on mobile construction equipment, among other recommendations.

Hear and compare the broadband alarm sound (MP3 167KB) and beeper alarm sound (MP3 165KB).


When blasting is used, for example, to construct a new road or a mining or quarrying project, we recommend assessing vibration and blastingoverpressure.

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