Dangerous goods driver licence

If you are driving a vehicle transporting dangerous goods in NSW, you must have a dangerous goods driver licence if the vehicle

  • is carrying any quantity of dangerous goods in a receptacle with a capacity of more than 500 litres
  • is carrying any receptacle containing more than 500 kilograms of dangerous goods

A current dangerous goods driver licence issued by any state or territory is recognised throughout Australia, and allows you to drive a dangerous goods vehicle in NSW.

A dangerous goods driver licence is not required for transport of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) with a total capacity of up to and including 3000 litres, unless any IBC is filled or emptied while on a vehicle.

Vehicles meeting these conditions also require a dangerous goods vehicle licence.

To apply for a dangerous goods driver’s licence

You must

  • complete the required training provided by an appropriate registered training organisation (RTO)
  • be certified as medically fit by a general practitioner
  • have a satisfactory driving history
  • provide passport-sized photographs and a copy of your vehicle driver’s licence
  • apply online through eConnect, or complete and sign the application form (PDF 379KB)
  • apply (through eConnect or by form) and pay the application fee within 6 months of undertaking the training and the medical assessment.

The requirements for satisfactory driving history and medical fitness are provided in eConnect and in the licence application form. If you have had a driving licence disqualified, cancelled or suspended in the last 5 years, contact the EPA before you undertake the training course.

The application fee for a new licence or a renewal is $57. Licences are normally valid for five years, but licences of shorter duration may be issued in certain circumstances.

Most licences are issued within 20 working days after the EPA receives all the necessary information. 

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