Fuel System Operation Plans

An underground petroleum storage system (UPSS), can only be used if a Fuel System Operation Plan has been developed and implemented at the site.

Fuel System Operation Plans must be accessible and contain current procedures and records specific to the UPSS on site.

A Fuel System Operation Plan must include

  • information about the UPSS, including the person responsible
  • a loss monitoring system
  • an incident management procedure (see 'Spill Actions' outlined in the Best practice guide for environmental incident prevention and management (PDF 592KB)).
  • system maintenance details
  • the current 'as built' drawings
  • a plan of the storage site, including drainage and services
  • buildings and associated infrastructure (above and below ground)
  • groundwater monitoring wells
  • a copy of industry standards that have been followed in constructing and maintaining the UPSS
  • a copy of the specifications for the design, installation and operation of the UPSS
  • 24-hour contacts and site access details in the event of an incident

See clause 19 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Underground Petroleum Storage Systems) Regulation 2014for more information. 

Fuel System Operation Plans can be held electronically or in hardcopy form, either as a dedicated document or as part of other site management procedures.

Contact the EPA on 131 555 or email UPSSREG@epa.nsw.gov.au for more information.

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