NSW PFAS Expert Panel

The NSW PFAS Expert Panel is chaired by NSW Deputy Chief Scientist and Engineer Dr Chris Armstrong, and consists of senior representatives from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), NSW Health, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment – Primary Industries, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment – NSW Food Authority and Department of Planning, Industry and Environment – Science. 

The NSW PFAS Expert Panel has been established under Part 6 of the Protection of the Administration Act 1991 for the purpose of providing informed advice to the EPA to assist in developing the NSW Government’s response to PFAS issues, including contamination, to protect the community and the environment.

The Expert Panel takes a strategic approach and interfaces with the National Framework, including the PFAS Intergovernmental Agreement and the PFAS National Environmental Management Plan.

The core functions of the Expert Panel defined by the Terms of Reference are to

  • To provide strategic direction for managing PFAS contamination from identified sites and advise the NSW Government on potential approaches for minimising exposure to PFAS from contaminated sites.
  • To provide guidance on the operational management of PFAS contaminated sites to ensure a consistent approach is taken and risk management approaches is evidence based.
  • Provide advice to the EPA on whether and what additional investigations or studies are needed to assist in refining risk assessment and management measures related to PFAS contamination.
  • Review and provide advice on proposed and emerging containment and remediation strategies to address migration of contamination.
  • Provide a source of informed expert advice to the EPA on guidance, communication and engagement with affected local community and relevant stakeholders.
  • Advise the EPA on the implications and implementation of emerging international and national technologies, advice, approaches and frameworks to manage PFAS contamination, including the PFAS National Environment Management Plan (NEMP).

Expert Panel members

Members of the NSW PFAS Expert Panel are

  • Dr Chris Armstrong PSM (Chair) – NSW Deputy Chief Scientist and Engineer
  • Mr Steve Beaman PSM (DPIE – EPA) (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Richard Broome (NSW Health)
  • Dr Phil Wright (DPIE – Primary Industries)
  • Dr Lisa Szabo (DPIE – NSW Food Authority)
  • Dr Georgina Kelly (DPIE – Science)  
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