List of notified sites

The EPA publishes a list of notified contaminated sites each month. The list of 8 July 2024 can be downloaded in PDF and Excel format.

The list of notified sites contain land that has been notified to the EPA as being potentially contaminated. The list states whether the land is regulated under the CLM Act.

If land is declared as 'significantly contaminated', it is regulated under the CLM Act and will receive notices relating to the management of this contamination. These notices are published on the record of notices for public view.

See the role of the EPA in contaminated land for more information on the assessment and regulation process.

Refer to the disclaimer for the information presented on the list of notified sites and record of notices.

Frequently asked questions

Why does my land appear on the list of notified sites?

Your land may appear on the list because

  • the site owner and/or the polluter has notified the EPA under section 60 of the CLM Act
  • the EPA has been notified via other means and is satisfied that the site is or was contaminated.

If a site is on the list, it does not necessarily mean the contamination is significant enough to regulate under the CLM Act.

Does the list contain all contaminated sites in NSW?

No. The list only contains contaminated sites that EPA is aware of. If a site is not on the list, it does not necessarily mean the site is not contaminated.

The EPA relies on responsible parties and the public to notify contaminated sites.

How are notified contaminated sites managed by the EPA?

There are different ways the EPA can manage notified contaminated sites. Options include

There are specific cases where contamination is managed under a tailored program operated by another agency (for example, the Resources & Geoscience's Legacy Mines Program).

What should I do if I am a potential buyer of a site that appears on the list?

You should seek advice from the seller to understand the contamination issue. You may need to seek independent contamination or legal advice.

The information provided in the list is indicative only and a starting point for your own assessment. Land contamination from past site uses is common, mainly in urban environments. If the site is properly remediated or managed, it may not affect the intended future use of the site.

Who can I contact if I need more information about a site?

You can contact the Environment Line at any time by calling 131 555 or by emailing

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