Complying with legislation

The Contaminated Land Management Compliance Statement sets out ways in which the EPA ensures those responsible for managing and remediating significantly contaminated land comply with their legal obligations, to achieve improved environmental and human health outcomes.

The EPA leads regulation of significantly contaminated land under the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997 and Contaminated Land Management Regulation 2013.

The Contaminated Land Management Compliance Statement (PDF 182KB)

  • details the approach taken to compliance and enforcement under this legislation
  • outlines the notices the EPA serves on those responsible for land contamination
  • provides information about complying with these notices
  • identifies the factors the EPA considers when selecting appropriate responses to non-compliance
  • explains the circumstances under which the EPA escalates its response
  • describes how compliance is monitored

The EPA’s regulatory response to non-compliance

The EPA’s regulatory response to non-compliance

The EPA's escalating regulatory response to non-compliance, shown above, is consistent with the EPA Compliance Policy (PDF 400KB).

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