Cadia submits latest dust emissions results

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has received interim results from the first round of dust emissions monitoring from the Vent Rise 8 outlet at Newcrest Mine Ltd’s Cadia mine.

After the EPA called on the mine to immediately comply with the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation last month, Cadia made operational changes aimed at reducing the discharge of dust from the ventilation system serving the underground mine.  

Several variations have also been made to Cadia’s licence including a requirement for additional vent emission monitoring and reporting.   

The interim results appear to show that operational changes at the Cadia mine have reduced the discharge of total solid particle from underground operations through Vent Rise 8. Cadia reported that the concentration of total solid particles at the time of testing on 28 June 2023 was below the requirements set in the Clean Air Regulation.   

The EPA is reviewing the data and is seeking further information from Cadia.  

The EPA has also requested that Cadia undertake further testing to confirm the impact of the operational changes made to reduce dust emissions and will await further emissions testing results over the coming weeks.  

The next formal results from the emission test on 12 July will be due on 19 July, and the full metal report from testing on 28 June will be due on 26 July.