eConnect EPA

Use eConnect EPA to apply online for Environment Protection, Radiation, Dangerous Goods and Pesticides licences, to manage your licence and submit annual returns.

Environment Protection Licence

Information relating to environment protection licences is available in the Guide to licensing or on the environment protection licences page.

To apply for an Environment Protection Licence you must supply

  • the applicant details
  • the proposed licence type
  • relevant development consent information including approval documents
  • any scheduled or non-scheduled activities proposed to be undertaken by the applicant
  • any spatial information and other documentation required as part of the application

  • to submit an Annual Return, if you are not already registered with eConnect contact us on 02 9995 5700 or email


Radiation user licence

Information is available on the requirements for applying for or renewing a radiation licence.


Radiation management licence

Note: existing Radiation management licence holders will receive a login and instructions with their renewal notice.


Radiation Accreditations


Dangerous Goods driver licence

Note: eConnect only supports Dangerous Goods driver licences. See Dangerous Goods vehicle licences for information and to download application forms.


Pesticide licence and Pesticide training permit

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