Dangerous goods vehicle licence

A vehicle used to transport dangerous goods in NSW must have a dangerous goods vehicle licence if the vehicle

  • is carrying any quantity of dangerous goods in a receptacle with a capacity of more than 500 litres
  • is carrying any receptacle containing more than 500 kilograms of dangerous goods

A dangerous goods vehicle licence is not required for transport of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) with a total capacity of up to 3000 litres, unless any IBC is filled or emptied while on a vehicle.

Licences are issued for vehicles such as

  • trailers
  • rigid vehicles
  • B-double trailers
  • road-train trailers

Prime movers are not licensed.

Licences are valid for one year and are nationally recognised.

Where multiple vehicles require a licence, they can all be included on a single licence containing details of each vehicle.

To apply for a dangerous goods vehicle licence

You must

  • complete the vehicle licence application form (PDF 384KB)
  • provide information about the vehicle such as its registration number and advise the class or classes of dangerous goods to be carried
  • hold an insurance policy for the vehicle to cover clean-up and emergency services costs related to any vehicles and goods involved in an accident or spill
  • pay the licence application fee
  • provide a rear image of the vehicle showing the number plate and vehicle type.

For tank vehicles, you must also provide

  • the date of the last hydrostatic test carried out on the vehicle (if applicable)
  • an image of the tank compliance plate showing a valid design approval number and the tank serial number
  • for heavy vehicle tank trailers, details of the roll stability system (RSS) fitted 

    Note: RSS is mandatory for these trailers manufactured from 1 July 2014, and from 1 January 2019 will be mandatory for ALL these trailers.

See Approval of a dangerous goods road tank vehicle design for more information.


  • New licence: $87 per vehicle
  • Additional vehicle(s) on current licence: $87 per vehicle
  • Licence renewal: $87 per vehicle
  • Transfer of licence: $11
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