Seeking an exemption from the PRCE Act 2021 - suppliers

This form is for expressions of interest from suppliers of banned plastic items who wish to enquire about applying for an exemption.

When to use this form

This form is for expressions of interest from organisations or individuals ‘carrying on a business’ in NSW ('suppliers'). This includes those carrying on an activity for commercial, charitable, sporting, educational or community purposes, as well as not-for-profit businesses, partnerships and sole traders.

If you are not ‘carrying on a business’, but wish to provide feedback about a continued need for access to and/or use of a banned item by an individual, use the continued need for a plastic item banned under the PRCE Act 2021 form.

This form is not a formal application for an exemption under the PRCE Act. Rather, this form will help guide you through the types of questions that you may need to answer in further detail, after the EPA has considered your enquiry.

Completing this form does not mean that you will be granted an exemption.

Next steps

After considering the information you provide in this form, the EPA will aim to contact you to further discuss your enquiry within 10 business days. We may provide you with information which may assist you to determine whether you require an exemption and whether you wish to submit a formal application. If so, we can provide you with an application form following these discussions.

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About the item


This includes supplying the item while carrying on a commercial, charitable, sporting, educational or community activity.

Supply includes to:

  • sell, supply, re-supply or distribute
  • receive or possess for the purpose of supply
  • offer to supply (such as in advertising, websites and brochures)
  • display, provide or make the item available to a person (such as via on-counter access), including to staff

A person supplies an item whether or not a fee is charged, or the supply is incidental to, or forms part of, the supply of another thing.


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