Resources for implementing the UPSS Regulation

This page contains guidance material to help industry stakeholders and local councils to carry out their functions for sites with a UPSS.

UPSS Guidelines

The Guidelines for Implementing the Protection of the Environment Operations (Underground Petroleum Storage Systems) Regulation 2019 (PDF 3.8MB) provide industry and local government with clear guidance to support consistent implementation of the UPSS Regulation 2019. They also document best practice management to minimise the risk of pollution and contamination from leaking underground fuel tanks.

The Guidelines supersede the previous 2009 guidelines and the UPSS Technical Note: Site validation reporting and UPSS Technical Note: Decommissioning, abandonment and removal of UPSS.

The Guidelines explain how owners can meet the requirements to monitor for, detect and fix leaks promptly to protect the environment and save costly clean-ups. They also set out the performance requirements for maintenance, procedures for fuel storage and delivery, record-keeping, reporting leaks and decommissioning unused systems.

An extensive consultation process was undertaken with the public and UPSS stakeholders to develop these guidelines. The consultation report (PDF 335KB) summarises this process and feedback received.

Additional guidance material

These documents provide quick and simple information about a specific UPSS topic.


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