Bin Trim Rebates


Category:  Business Program

Amounts: Rebates of between $1000 and $50,000 covering up to 50% of the capital cost of recycling equipment.

Eligibility: Businesses with up to 400 full time equivalent employees, and facility managers and small-scale recyclers responsible for managing the waste of small to medium-sized businesses.

What sort of equipment is eligible? 

  • Cardboard and plastic balers 
  • Expanded polystyrene compactors 
  • Shredders
  • Source separation bins 
  • Other (check with your assessor)

Contact: 131 555 or

Status: The Bin Trim rebates program is on hold until 2023.

Managed by: NSW Environment Protection Authority


To increase workplace recycling, Waste Less, Recycle More provides businesses with rebates covering up to 50% of the cost of small-scale, on-site recycling equipment.

Businesses that saved with a Bin Trim rebate

worker with a paper compressing machine

The Bin Trim rebate enabled Horgans Furniture and homeware wholesaler to purchase a shredder to handle their cardboard waste in-house. Horgans now save 6.1 tonnes of cardboard per year from reaching landfill as well as cost savings for their business.


woman adding organics to recycling bin

The Paramount Hotel had its sights set on achieving zero waste to landfill which is a big challenge for a rapidly expanding enterprise. With some good ideas, and a NSW EPA Bin Trim rebate, it’s now Sydney’s first zero waste hotel - and they save thousands of dollars each year.

staffer adding organic material to a large worm farm

For this yacht club, on-site worm farming has turned an expensive waste into a valuable resource. A Bin Trim rebate helped the club to purchase a worm farm which now deals with 90% of its food waste and turns it into compost and fertiliser for the club’s extensive grounds and gardens. 

man in h-vis vest operating a cardboard baler

Plastic waste was business as usual for Furnware but a Bin Trim assessment helped them find ways to keep it out of landfill. Furnware bought a baler with the help of an $11,500 Bin Trim rebate, saving 50% of the cost as well as ongoing waste management cost savings


Recipient Rebate Amount Approved Recycled materials Recycling equipment
F.J. Chickens Pty Ltd $ 7,221.50 Plastics Baler and accessories
Ifresh Corporate Hospitality $ 11,330.00 Plastics Balers
Meduri Family Settlement (McDonalds Penrith) $ 8,586.00 Plastics Stainless steel plastic baler and accessories
Muswellbrook Council $ 11,740.00 Plastics Twin-chamber baler with twine
The Trustee for Simmons and Holden Trust - McDonalds Gateway $ 8,931.00 Plastics Stainless steel baler and accessories
Recipient Rebate Amount Approved Recycled materials Recycling equipment
AES Environmental $ 5,745.00 Soft plastics Baler
Against the Grain $ 49,400.00 Timber Briquette press
Architectural Design Products Pty Ltd $ 8,450.00 Polystyrene EPS machine
Arrow Group $ 5,500.00 Soft plastics and cardboard Baler
Asahi Beverages Australia $ 50,000.00 Plastic Grinder
ASP Plastics $ 12,960.00 Plastic film Compactor
Aus Cosmetics $ 3,573.50 Plastic film Baler and bags
Austral Wire Products $ 8,847.50 Plastic film Baler
Cahill Transport Australia $ 8,745.50 Plastics Baler
Campsie Discount Drugstore $3,100.00 Plastics Baler
Carona Group Pty Ltd $ 6,495.00 Soft plastics and cardboard Baler
Carroll College Broulee $1,003.92 Organics Worm farms
Cheese Mongrel $ 14,500.00 Organics Composter
Country Waste $ 31,250.00 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Cross Connections - Plastic Police Partnerships $ 7,167.50 Soft plastics Recycling bins and accessories
Dexus Martin Place Trust $ 9,185.00 Organics Recycling bins
Globe Timber Mills & Joinery $ 30,808.00 Soft plastics and cardboard Baler
Griffith Recycling $ 5,265.00 Cardboard and paper Recycling bins
Horgan's Import / Export Pty Ltd $ 2,480.00 Cardboard Cardboard shredder
Keith Coffee and Barber $ 1,010.00 Organics Worm habitats
Kitchen Food Company $ 27,250.00 Organics Organics digester
Kraft Heinz $ 25,470.00 Soft plastics and garden organics Baler, chipper
Laissey-Faire Café $ 6,975.00 Glass Glass crusher
Leura Garage $ 7,300.00 Organics Composter
Loreto School $ 4,684.50 Plastics Water filling machine to avoid take-away water
Mitolo Group Pty Ltd $ 20,822.50 Plastic and cardboard Two balers
MRI (Aust) Pty Ltd $ 47,604.00 Cardboard, plastics, polystyrene (EPS) Balers and a densifier
NBC Sports Club $ 1,037.00 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Novatex Products $ 13,745.00 Soft plastics Baler
Remapak $ 12,000.00 Polystyrene EPS machine
Scenic World $ 30,395.00 Organics Compactor
Singleton Council $ 13,304.50 Co-mingled Bins, baler, stands and bags
Smart Earth Recycling $ 50,000.00 Concrete Shredder, feeder, belt and crusher
Summerland House Farm $ 14,570.00 Organics Chicken caravan
Sustainable Salons Australia $ 39,288.18 Paper, cardboard, plastics, metals Bins and bin accessories
The Galleries $ 49,990.00 Organics Food digester
Trappers Bakery of Goulburn $ 12,071.00 Plastics Milk dispenser
Two Fives Café $ 6,000.00 Plastics Milk dispenser
Western Suburbs Leagues Club Illawarra $ 2,408.97 Organics and co-mingled Recycling bins
Recipient Rebate Amount Approved Recycled materials Recycling equipment
Allied Mills Kingsgrove $ 9,184.00 Soft and hard plastics Baler
Alphacare Boolaroo $ 6,500.00 Soft plastics Baler
Armidale Recycling Services - Armidale Facility $ 15,860.00 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Armidale Recycling Services - Guyra Facility $ 36,458.00 Co-mingled Skip bins
ATS Timber $ 5,745.00 Soft plastics Baler
Ausskips $ 20,000.00 Timber Shredder
Beachcomber Holiday Park $ 1,526.95 Organics Worm habitats
Bin Master $ 3,745.00 Soft plastics Baler
Bomaderry Bowling Club $2002.07 Organics and Commingled Recycling bins
Cafe Deluca $ 6,750.00 Hard plastics Milk dispenser
Carlingford Village Shopping Centre $ 2,683.64 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Central Park Mall $ 2,569.50 Metals Crusher
Choice $ 1,134.30 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Citadel Towers $ 10,872.18 Cardboard, paper and co-mingled Recycling bins
Classic Blinds and Shutters $ 2,995.00 Soft plastics Baler
Dapto Leagues Club $ 1,839.25 Co-mingled and organics Recycling bins
Dexus Property Services $ 3,244.50 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Dexus Wholesale Property Trust $ 6,311.33 Cardboard, paper and co-mingled Recycling bins
Doorstep Organics $ 7,328.50 Soft plastics Baler
Dungog Shire Council $ 11,500.00 Soft and hard plastics Baler
Echoes Hotel $ 27,190.00 Organics Food digester
Environmental Treatment Solutions $ 20,445.00 Metals and hard plastics Baler
Everlast Automotive Spares $ 37,965.00 Metals and hard plastics Shredder
EXGS Pty Ltd T/As Exeter General Store $ 1,018.00 Organics Worm habitats
Fretus Waste Services $ 10,153.41 Cardboard and co-mingled Recycling bins
Frutex Australia $ 13,500.00 Soft plastics Baler
Furnware Dorset $ 11,500.00 Soft plastics and Cardboard Baler
Gibraltar Hotel $ 5,590.00 Cardboard Two compactors
Gibraltar Hotel $ 6,975.00 Glass Crusher
Gibraltar Hotel $ 2,540.00 Paper towelling Hand dryers
Gibraltar Hotel Bowral $ 14,500.00 Organics Composter
GMK Logistics $ 14,598.00 Soft plastics and cardboard Baler
Halcyon Cabarita Beach Pty Ltd $ 7,300.00 Organics Composter
Hobson Engineering $ 6,000.00 Soft plastics and cardboard Baler
Hornsby RSL $ 27,924.00 Organics Food digester
Hoxton Industries $ 1,250.00 Soft plastics Baler
Hydro Majestic Hotel $ 50,000.00 Organics Food digester
Hyrock NSW, Port Kembla site $ 12,300.00 Bulker concrete bags Baler
IGA Braidwood $ 6,745.00 Cardboard Baler
Ingleburn RSL Club $ 1,004.75 Plastics, tin, paper and cardboard Recycling bins
Insulation Industries $ 1,725.00 Soft plastics Baler
Invenco $ 9,661.00 Soft plastics and paper Baler
Jason L $ 15,027.00 Soft plastics Compactor and baler
Jennmar Australia $ 1,056.00 Co-mingled Recycling bins
JK Plastics $ 33,193.00 Soft and hard plastics Baler
Julianna's Buffet Restaurant $ 1,538.13 Organics Recycling bins
Karignan Plantation $ 4,044.50 Soft plastics Baler
Lilianfels Hotel $ 50,000.00 Organics Food digester
Macadamia Processing Co. Ltd $ 5,745.00 Soft plastics Baler
Margan Wines $ 14,520 Organics Organic digester
McDonald’s Haberfield $ 7,237.50 Soft plastics Baler and bins
Milton Ulladulla Ex-Servos Club $ 1,025.75 Organics Recycling bins
Mirvac - Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre $ 38,815.37 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Mirvac East Village $ 17,500.00 Polystyrene EPS machine
Mollymook Beach Bowling and Recreation Club $ 5,028.45 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Mollymook Golf Club (Hill Top Golf Club) $ 1,640.35 Co-mingled Recycling bins
MSR Services $ 35,000.00 Organics Food digester
Northaven $ 9,600.00 Co-mingled Skip bins
Org Group $ 22,544.50 Cardboard Compactor
Photo Create Pty Ltd - Kilkenny Place $ 4,995.00 Soft and hard plastics Baler
Photo Create Pty Ltd - Lang Street $ 4,995.00 Soft and hard plastics Baler
Precast Elements $ 1,870.00 Concrete Collection trays
Precision Frames and Trusses $ 2,025.00 Timber Skip bins
Preformed - Soft plastic baler $ 13,564.50 Soft plastics Baler
Primo Moraitis Fresh $ 10,000.00 Organics Conveyor belt
Rowles Site Solutions $ 50,000.00 Co-mingled Shredder
Shoalhaven Ex-Servos Club $ 1,983.75 Co-mingled Bins
Sir Stamford Circular Quay $ 2,995.00 Cardboard Baler
SMEG Australia $ 12,995.00 Soft plastics, cardboard and polystyrene Baler
SPAR supermarket Suffolk Park $ 3,745.00 Cardboard Baler
St Brigids Gwynneville Catholic Parish Primary School $ 1,162.61 Organics and co-mingled Recycling bins
Superior Cores $ 33,372.50 Sand Sand reclamation system
Sustainable Salons Australia $ 24,386.53 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Sydney Superyacht Marina $ 18,816.00 Co-mingled Recycling bins
The Farm Byron Bay $ 5,745.00 Soft plastics and cardboard Baler
The Unheard Melody -T/A Revolve your World $ 50,000.00 Organics Composter
Tip Top Bakeries Newcastle $ 21,250.00 Plastics, paper and cardboard Balers
Tradies Caringbah and Tradies Helensburgh $ 1,459.26 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Twin City Recyclers $ 1,950.00 Soft and hard plastics Front end loader
UniBar, University of Wollongong $ 3,812.33 Co-mingled Recycling bins
UniCentre $ 25,185.00 Organics Food digester
Utopia $ 1,575.00 Hard plastics Milk dispenser
Vesuvius Australia $ 6,245.00 Bulker concrete bags Baler
Walsh Architectural Salvage $ 1,302.50 Timber Bandsaw
Warrigal Blinds $ 6,609.03 Soft plastics Baler
Wollongong Recycling and Building Supplies $ 21,900.00 Co-mingled Hook lift bins
Xypex Australia $ 7,050.00 Bulker Concrete Bags Baler
YMCA of Sydney $ 1,020.00 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Recipient Rebate Amount Approved Recycled materials Recycling equipment
About Life $ 43,000.00 Organics Composter
ABC Castings $ 50,000.00 Sand Sand reclamation system
Access Industries for the Disabled $ 4,610.00 Co-mingled and cardboard Trolleys
ANZ Stadium (Stadium Australia Operations Pty Ltd) $ 20,150.00 Co-mingled and cardboard Recycling bins
Australian Bio Resources Pty Ltd $ 38,251.00 Organics Skip bins
Big 4 Solitary Islands Resort $ 6,832.00 Organics Worm habitats
Central Waste Station $ 50,000.00 Soft and hard plastics Baler
Charter Hall Holdings $ 3,162.50 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Cowper Smash Repairs $ 5,770.00 Soft plastics and paper Baler
ENDEAVOUR INDUSTRIES GOULBURN INC $ 3,531.75 Cardboard Recycling bins
FoodBoss $ 7,000.00 Soft plastics Baler
Galluzzo Fruiterers $ 3,900.00 Cardboard Baler
Grafton District Services Club $ 4,344.50 Cardboard Baler
Guardian ELCs $ 2,197.74 Organics Worm habitats
Handybin Waste Services - Coffs Coast Waste Services $ 45,348.40 Bins and accessories to provide recycling services to local businesses Recycling bins
Harvey Norman Bennetts Green $ 7,616.50 Soft plastics Baler
Hunter Self Storage $ 9,250.00 Soft plastics and cardboard Baler
Illawarra Area Childcare $ 1,026.51 Organics Worm habitats
Infinitus Group $ 14,559.00 Soft plastics and polystyrene Compactor
JobQuest $ 2,431.82 Garden organics Woodchipper
Juice & Co $ 3,898.50 Soft plastics Baler
Lemon Grove Shopping Centre (Strata Plan 43919) $ 1,636.43 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Mirvac Harbourside Shopping Centre $ 41,750.00 Glass Glass crusher
Recycling Technologies Group $ 12,904.00 Timber Pellet press
Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club $ 1,285.00 Organics Worm habitats
Salmon & Bear $ 1,000.00 Glass Glass crusher
Smart Earth Recycling
$ 38,381.86 Glass Glass crusher
Southern Cross Care Cardinal Gilroy Village - Merrylands West $ 4,344.50 For paper and plastics at the McDonalds store Baler
Strata Choice $ 6,106.35 Paper towelling Bins / hand dryers
Sustainable Salons Australia $ 17,614.54 Co-mingled, hair, salon waste Compactor
Tamworth McDonalds East $ 8,495.00 Soft plastics and paper Baler
Tamworth McDonalds South $ 8,495.00 Soft plastics and paper Baler
Tamworth McDonalds West $ 8,495.00 Soft plastics and paper Baler
Tip Top ‘n’ Tidy Waste Services $ 49,500.00 Co-mingled Recycling bins
Trueform Frames and Trusses $ 1,910.00 Timber Skip bins
Warilla Bowls & Recreation Club $ 3,102.30 Organics, paper, plastics, glass Recycling bins
Warrigal Care $ 2,765.76 Co-mingled and cardboard Recycling bins
Woonona Buli RSL Club $ 1,002.90 Organics Recycling bins
Wrapaway $ 2,995.00 Soft plastics Baler
Yumaro Incorporated $ 16,710.00 Co-mingled and cardboard Conveyor belt
Recipient Rebate Amount Approved Recycled materials Recycling equipment
Brookfarm $ 6,345.00 Polystyrene EPS machine
Cumberland Country Golf Club $ 14,318.18 Garden organics Woodchipper
Good Guys Bankstown $ 14,839.50 Polystyrene EPS machine
Good Guys Erina $ 10,495.00 Polystyrene EPS machine
Good Guys Kotara $ 14,839.50 Polystyrene EPS machine
Good Guys Phil Favaro Rockdale $ 14,839.50 Polystyrene EPS machine
Macadamia Castle $ 3,524.50 Cardboard Baler
Modern Tiles Erina $ 3,282.15 Soft plastics Baler
Stone and Wood Brewing Co $ 5,750.00 Cardboard Baler
Sydney Markets Limited $ 25,000.00 Polystyrene EPS machine
The Grace Hotel $ 9,120.00 Cardboard Baler

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