Acid sulfate soils: assessment and management

The Acid Sulfate Soils Manual (1998) outlines best practice in assessing and managing the impacts of proposed works in areas likely to contain acid sulfate soils (ASS). The manual provides guidance for on-site management. The Assessment Guidelines from the manual are available from the Department of Planning.

Note that the Laboratory Methods Guidelines (2004) replaces the Laboratory Methods in the Acid Sulfate Soils Manual (1998).

The EPA Waste Classification Guidelines (2014), including Part 4: Acid Sulfate Soils apply to ASS which are unable to be managed on-site and need to be transported and managed off-site. In these cases, off-site disposal to landfill is often the most appropriate management option. Waste generators need to assess the status of ASS at their point of generation, using the techniques outlined in the Acid Sulfate Soil Manual 1998 and the Laboratory Methods Guidelines (2004).

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