Tracking waste tyres using WasteLocate

Tyre consignors, transporters and facilities transporting or receiving waste tyres in NSW weighing more than 200 kilograms, or consisting of 20 or more tyres, in one load must track and report this waste to the EPA using WasteLocate.

Stockpiles of tyres can be a danger. They

  • are a fire risk and if they burn they emit toxic smoke
  • create the perfect environment for mosquitos to breed

As a result, the EPA must monitor the movement of waste tyres to ensure they do not harm the environment or human health.

WasteLocate was developed in consultation with the waste industry to

  • facilitate compliance with legislative requirements
  • ensure consistency, transparency and certainty for industry
  • ensure EPA compliance activities are targeted and have minimal impact on well-performing businesses
  • create a healthier environment

Waste tyre consignors and transporters must register on and use WasteLocate to track the movement of waste tyres. Heavy penalties apply for not using WasteLocate.

You need an internet-connected tablet or smartphone running the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari browsers. For best results, ensure you are using the latest version of your browser.

WasteLocate can also be accessed from desktop and laptop computers but if you are transporting waste tyres you will need a tablet or smartphone. You will also need a standard QR scanning app as WasteLocate uses QR2id codes, similar to standard QR codes.

  • Register with WasteLocate.
  • Create a unique EPA consignment ID for each new load of tyres by logging onto WasteLocate and following the on-screen prompts to record details. You can create consignments to be collected immediately or scheduled for pick up later.
  • Select a registered waste transporter and nominate a waste facility that you would like to receive your waste tyres. The selected transporter and waste facility will receive an email telling them that the load is ready for collection and delivery.

For more information, read WasteLocate Waste Tyres Consignors User Guide (PDF 1.3MB)

If you have recurring consignments or after hours collections, you may wish to have a personalised QR2id plate displayed at the loading area. Order this from the WasteLocate website or by calling Amtac Professional Services on 1800 420 380.

For more information, read the Tyre Outlet Optional QR2id Location Plates Factsheet (PDF 301KB).

  • Register with WasteLocate.
  • WasteLocate will send you an email whenever a new job is allocated to you with details of the consignment, including the consignment number, weight or number of waste tyres to be moved and the collection date. You can accept, reject, or sub-contract the job to another registered waste transporter. Alternatively, if the consignor has a QR2id plate, you can scan the QR2id code on the plate when you arrive at the collection point and WasteLocate will display a list of consignments. Select the appropriate consignment and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • When you collect a consignment, check the details in WasteLocate and make sure they accurately match the load you are moving. Once you are satisfied the details are correct, follow the on-screen prompts.
  • At the point of collection and delivery of waste tyres, WasteLocate must record the GPS location details from your smartphone or tablet computer. Please tap 'allow' when prompted for your location.
  • When you deliver the load to a recycling or disposal facility, you must scan the QR2id plate displayed at the gate or weighbridge and log into WasteLocate to confirm delivery. If there is more than one consignment on board, WasteLocate makes it easy to select which loads are being delivered to that facility.

For more information, read WasteLocate Waste Tyres Transporters User Guide (PDF 1.5MB)

It is mandatory for all waste facilities in NSW that accept tyres to

  • display a WasteLocate QR2id plate
  • report to the EPA the registration numbers of vehicles that deliver waste tyres without scanning the QR2id plate – find out more

Only retreaders recovering and reselling retreads are exempted from these requirements. See Notice of Exemption from Clause 76: Reporting on transportation of waste tyres solely within New South Wales (PDF 28KB)

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