Bin Trim

Join 22,000 businesses recycling more through the EPA’s Bin Trim Program, which helps businesses quickly find ways of cutting waste and potentially boosting profits.

To find out more about or join Bin Trim, phone the Environment Line on 131 555 or email

Reducing waste is good for business. It

  • reduces costs
  • saves time
  • builds staff morale
  • enhances a company's reputation
  • saves water, energy and raw materials

Joining Bin Trim is one way businesses can partner with the EPA to become better recyclers, reducing businesses’ impact on the environment.

Find out how much businesses have already saved by protecting the environment

Free assessments and rebates

A Bin Trim assessor may be able to conduct a free waste and recycling assessment and produce a tailored action plan for your business.

Your business may also be eligible for a rebate of between $1,000 and $50,000 to help with the cost of recycling equipment. Your Bin Trim assessor will help you to apply.

You may be eligible to participate in Bin Trim if your business has

  • between one and 399 employees and has its own waste bill
  • A maximum of five sites (each with less than 400 staff) from one company.

Download the Bin Trim tool

Enter basic information about your business, and the Bin Trim tool will produce an action plan. The plan identifies materials you could recycle or re-use.

Benefits to the community

NSW businesses send more than 1.8 million tonnes of business waste to landfill each year. More than 70% of this could be reused or recycled. Reducing waste sent to landfill has environmental and economic benefits for everyone.

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