20-Year Waste Strategy for NSW

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, including the EPA, is leading the development of a 20-Year Waste Strategy for NSW.

We are building an evidence base to ensure that the Strategy is built on a comprehensive understanding of problems and issues that are confronting the waste sector, local government, communities and the environment today. This work is also identifying issues that are likely to emerge over a 20 to 40 year outlook so the Strategy can guide robust decision making about our future. We are drawing on expert advice and the insights of our stakeholders to build this evidence base. 

Since the 2019 election, the appointment of a new Minister and a clear commitment on coordinated waste reforms at the federal level, the NSW Government has amended its timetable for the delivery of a strategy. 

This will allow the strategy to align with progression in waste policy at the federal level, as well as new state-based initiatives, such as the NSW Plastics Plan. 

The 20-Year-Waste Strategy Discussion Paper is expected to be released for consultation in 2020, with a draft strategy to follow. These phases will be accompanied by stakeholder engagement which will inform the final strategy.

Our focus for the 20YWS and accompanying policies is centred on

  • Sustainability – the NSW waste industry is self-sustaining, delivers improved environmental outcomes and avoids the human health impacts associated with poorly managed waste
  • Reliability – the bins are always collected, and our waste is managed in accordance with community expectations where our recycling is recycled for example
  • Affordability – waste services are delivered at a reasonable cost and with the customer in mind. 

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