Endorsement of security plans

A source security plan or source transport security plan cannot be made or amended unless an EPA-accredited radiation security assessor has endorsed on the plan that the plan satisfies the requirements of the Act.

A radiation security assessor must also endorse the plan if it has been amended. This requirement does not apply to an amendment that relates to

  • change of name of the natural person who is to be responsible for implementing the plan
  • change in the security-enhanced source arising from the replacement of the source (except where the new source belongs to a higher category)
  • minor changes and upgrades to any computer hardware or software identified in the plan
  • changes to contact details for any persons in relation to security responsibilities
  • the addition or omission of details of identification checks and security background checks of personnel
  • changes to the date of travel and any planned principal or alternative route in relation to a source transport security plan.


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