Sealed radioactive sources

Sealed radioactive sources are used in medicine, industry, research and education. These substances are tightly regulated in NSW. If you are dealing with a sealed radioactive source, you need to understand the security requirements and other rules.

A sealed radioactive source is a radioactive substance sealed in a capsule, or closely bound in a solid form, so as to:

  1. prevent escape or dispersion of the radioactive substance, and
  2. allow the emission of ionising radiation.

Purchase and disposal responsibilities

Before purchasing a radiation source, first research and assess the possibility of using alternative technologies. If alternative options are not viable, then it is important to note the ‘Cradle to Grave’ responsibilities of such a purchase. As you will be responsible for the safe disposal of the source, you should investigate safe disposal options for when the source is no longer needed. Check if the supplier of the source will take it back when it is no longer needed. See also more information on the disposal of regulated material.

Please refer to the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) Statement on the Factors to Consider when Selecting a Radioactive Source for further details on the technical and security factors of the responsibility of purchasing a radioactive source.

To decrease the likelihood of unauthorised access to, or acquisition of, radioactive sources, there are security requirements to be implemented when dealing with a radioactive source.

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