Radiation user licence - conditions

A radiation user licence may have one or more conditions attached to it. These conditions are determined by the work proposed under the licence, as well as the qualifications and experience the applicant must have to be eligible to be granted a user licence. Licence conditions form part of the licence and must be adhered to by the licensee.

Licences have been categorised into commonly performed types of work such as analytical, dental, medical radiation therapy, and scientific and research. Within each broad category, conditions have been applied to specific work and given a unique number. The letters 'IA' prefix all user licence conditions that relate to radiation apparatus, while an 'S' is used for licence conditions relating to radioactive substances and sealed source devices containing radioactive substances.

The relevant work categories and the desired condition code/s for each criterion is shown in the user licence criteria page. 

Licence exemptions and supervision


The Protection from Harmful Radiation Regulation 2013 allows certain people such as students, to be exempted from having a licence to use regulated material. These exemptions can be granted by someone in an organisation whose licence to use contains the ‘General Approval to Exempt from Licensing condition (GE1)’.


Anyone who is exempted from holding a licence needs to be supervised by an appropriately qualified licence holder whose licence contains a condition allowing them to do so. Some licences automatically include this General supervision (G1) condition which allows the licensee to supervise a certain group of people.

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