Radiation management licence - renewals and variations

Renewal of management licence

A 'sell only' licence is valid for either one year or three years.

A management licence (to sell, possess, store or give away) is issued for a period of one year.

At the end of the licence validity the licence must be renewed or the licence will expire.

There is a 60-day grace period in which the licence may be renewed after it has expired. After the grace period has expired a licence can no longer be renewed and a new application (with the additional application fee) must be lodged.

A valid management licence is required to sell, possess or store regulated material. During the grace period the regulated material is unlicensed. Failure to hold the required management licence is a serious offence under the Radiation Control Act 1990.

Variation of management licence

A written request must be received from the licence holder to make the variation or change. The request will be assessed against the relevant criteria and a decision made to either grant or refuse the request.

Variations involve changes to the licence that attach additional regulated material or alter the conditions on the licence. A fee applies to a licence variation and this is set out in the Regulation. You will need to make an application on the appropriate licence variation form.

Changes which are deemed to be minor variations to a licence do not attract a fee. Notification for minor variations must be in writing using the licence variation form but no fee is applicable.

Minor variations include

  • change of address
  • changing contact details
  • removing regulated material from the licence.

When a licence is varied a revised licence document is sent to the management licence holder. When adding new items to an existing licence, the items may be used while your application to add the items is being processed. Your application should be lodged within 7 days of receipt or transfer occurring.

If you are unsure if your proposed variation will require a formal variation, please contact the EPA's Hazardous Material, Chemical & Radiation Section on (02) 9995 5959 for clarification.

Use eConnect EPA to renew, vary or update a radiation management licence online.

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