Radiation guideline 2: Preparation of radiation management plans

Under clause 28 of the Protection from Harmful Radiation Regulation 2013 an employer must, if required to do so by the Chair of the EPA, prepare or adopt a radiation management plan relevant to the particular area of work. Clause 28(4) requires that a radiation management plan must conform to the guidelines outlined in Radiation Guideline 2 Preparation of radiation management plans.

The plan, once prepared, must be submitted to the EPA for approval.

Radiation Guideline 2: Preparation of radiation management plans, provides minimum advice on what a radiation management plan should contain. A radiation management plan may be prepared by the organisation, a consultant or an associated interstate or overseas organisation.

Where 'ready made' plans are being considered, they should first be read carefully by the responsible person to ensure that they conform to the requirements of the Regulation, for example, that they use the required units of measurement, such as SI units, or apply the correct system of dose limitation.

It may be enough to adopt a relevant standard or use the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) codes and standards, but it will be necessary to state whether the 'adopted' document is to be applied in whole or in part and, if the latter, which particular parts apply.

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