Disposal of regulated material

The NSW Protection from Harmful Radiation Act 1990 and Protection from Harmful Radiation Regulation 2013 impose restrictions on persons using regulated material (radiation apparatus, radioactive substances and sealed source devices (SSD)).

Under Clause 34 of the Regulation, regulated material can only be disposed of with the consent of the EPA, and in accordance with any conditions imposed by the EPA.

Radiation apparatus

Before disposal, any radiation apparatus must first be rendered permanently inoperable. Apparatus regulated under the Regulation is required to be disposed of in accordance with the conditions attached to the management licence. The EPA must be notified of the disposal (by submitting a variation (to dispose) on your management licence) via eConnect EPA

Radioactive substances - sealed sources

Generally, sealed radioactive sources or SSD containing a sealed radioactive source can be disposed of by returning them to the supplier or manufacturer, or sent overseas for recycling or reuse.

Before disposal, an Application to dispose of sealed radioactive sources/sealed source device form (DOCX 77KB) must be submitted to the EPA.

The application for disposal will be assessed, and if approved will be subject to conditions that the responsible person must comply with.

Radioactive substances - unsealed sources

Currently the EPA does not permit the disposal of unsealed radioactive substances as they are generally short lived and because there are no viable disposal options available. These substances need to be safely held by the licensee until they decay to a level of activity below that which is prescribed in Schedule 1 of the Regulation.

The Regulation does not require consent for the disposal of waste that contains radioactive material below this level of activity, however the waste may need to be classified using the Waste Classification Guidelines to determine where it can be disposed of legally.

If a licensee finds a viable disposal option for unsealed radioactive substances, prior consent for disposal must be obtained from the EPA.

For any enquiries please contact the Regulatory and Compliance Support Unit on 9995 5700 or at dgrp.licensing@epa.nsw.gov.au.

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