Types of accreditation

The EPA currently issues accreditations for consulting radiation experts (CREs) to assess:

  • Diagnostic imaging apparatus (x-ray)
  • Fixed radiation gauges

Individuals who are appropriately qualified can apply to become a CRE in one or all of the categories listed below.

Diagnostic imaging apparatus

Diagnostic imaging apparatus (DIA) includes the following categories

  • mammography
  • radiography
  • dental
  • fluoroscopy
  • computed tomography
  • bone mineral densitometry
  • veterinary
  • chiropractic.

A CRE may be accredited to assess ionising radiation apparatus and verify mandatory requirements in accordance with the requirements of Radiation Standard 6: Compliance requirements for ionising radiation apparatus used in diagnostic imaging in the following categories

  • DIA for mammography only (RAM)
  • DIA for Radiography and BMD (including chiropractic) (RAR)
  • DIA for dental only - includes intra-oral, panoramic x-ray, cephalometry and dental CT (RAD)
  • DIA for fluoroscopy and BMD (RAF)
  • DIA for computed tomography (RACT)
  • DIA for veterinary science (RAV)
Fixed radiation gauges

A CRE may be accredited to assess radiation gauges installed in fixed positions (fixed radiation gauges) for the purpose of certifying compliance in accordance with Radiation Guideline 3: Recommendations for minimum standards and safety requirements for fixed radiation gauges.

Please refer to Radiation publications and consultation documents for links to current standards and guidelines.



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