Accreditation of consulting radiation experts

You need accreditation from the EPA to work as a consulting radiation expert. Learn how to get accreditation.

The Protection from Harmful Radiation Act 1990 requires that a person must not carry on any of the activities prescribed as activities of a consulting radiation expert unless they have been accredited by the EPA as a consulting radiation expert (CRE).

The Protection from Harmful Radiation Regulation 2013 prescribes the activities of a consulting radiation expert. A consulting radiation expert can only undertake activities as provided in their conditions of accreditation.

Information on the accreditation of consulting radiation expert can be found on the following pages:

Apply for accreditation

Use eConnect EPA to apply for or vary an accreditation online.

The applications process usually takes seven working days.

Mutual recognition of registered persons from another Australian state or territory or New Zealand

If you are registered in an equivalent occupation in another state or territory or New Zealand, you may be entitled to apply to the EPA for a NSW CRE accreditation under the mutual recognition scheme.

Note: CRE accreditation is currently excluded from the automatic mutual recognition scheme in NSW

Fees for accreditation

See Fees and Forms.

For any enquiries please contact the Regulatory and Compliance Support Unit on 9995 5700 or at

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