Resources to keep informed about the single-use plastics ban

Resources that will help you, your business or organisation to be informed about the ban on certain single-use plastics are available below. We suggest you start with our information video for an overview.

Set of eco-friendly bamboo cutlery, eco bag and reusable coffee mug

Some alternatives to single-use plastics

There are many reusable and more sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic items.


Single-use plastics straws, balloons, cutlery, cups

Banned single-use plastic items

There are several banned single-use plastic items.

Banned items

Eco cutlery and bag

Brochures and posters in English

Brochures and posters for display in your business or organisation

Brochures and posters

People cleaning up litter

Brochures and posters in community languages

Brochures and posters translated into several community languages for display in your business or organisation

Translated resources