Threatened Species Expert Panel

To ensure the remake of the Coastal Integrated Forestry Operations Approval (IFOA) is underpinned by the best available knowledge, the NSW Government convened an expert panel of scientists as part of the process to determine the effectiveness of the multi-scale landscape approach in protecting threatened species and their habitats.

The panel comprised flora and fauna experts from the Office of Environment and Heritage, Department of Primary Industries, the EPA and Forestry Corporation of NSW, as well as independent scientists with technical expertise in threatened species matters.

The composition of the panel (PDF 146KB) varied to better address regional issues and specific species conditions. Additional experts advised on mitigating the impacts of forestry operations on threatened species and habitats in specific regions.

All new members of the panel were briefed and provided with information on past proposals and discussions.

Stage 1 - March 2014

Members of the panel reviewed the proposed multi-scale landscape protections and a list of all threatened species known or likely to occur in the forests covered by the coastal IFOAs.

The panel advised on improvements to proposed thresholds and on additional survey and specific protection measures to mitigate the impacts of forestry on species requiring additional protection.

This advice was used to refine the proposed multi-scale landscape framework, develop specific licence provisions, and develop or improve specific requirements for threatened species protection and surveys.

Stage 2 - September 2014

The panel further reviewed the refined multi-scale landscape and threatened species provisions and provided further expert information and recommendations to the government. The government prepared a Remake of the Coastal IFOA Expert Panel Progress Report (PDF 471KB) on the expert panel's review of the proposed multi-scale threatened species conditions.

Stage 3 - August and October 2015

Panel members inspected the sites of the trial of the Coastal IFOA to see how conditions were implemented in the field. Following the field inspection, the expert panel met in October 2015 to discuss the trial’s findings and further refinements that were proposed.

Public exhibition: 15 May - 13 July 2018

A detailed report on the findings of the expert panel (PDF 2676KB) was made publicly available with the exhibition of the draft IFOA. See more information on the Coastal IFOA remake.