Targeted litter reduction programs

We have programs aimed at reducing certain types of litter.

Littered cigarette butt

Reducing cigarette butt litter

Cigarette butts are the most littered item in NSW. Learn about our program to reduce cigarette butt littering.

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Water-filled balloons littering a beach

Balloon litter

Releasing balloons can harm wildlife and the environment. There are alternatives to balloons for celebrations.

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Plastic nurdles

Operation Clean Sweep

To help prevent plastic resin pellets (nurdles) entering our waterways, the NSW Government will provide $500,000 to help plastic manufacturers improve their systems. We will also provide guidance for councils about best practice nurdle management, similar to Operation Clean Sweep guidelines.

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Programs being developed

Litter in the ocean

Streets to sea

Aims to build on existing action that keeps urban spaces litter-free, to also focus on litter that gets into urban waterways where it is strewn on our foreshores and beaches. This approach recognises that strategic initiatives are needed to stem flows of litter from urban streets into creeks, rivers and estuaries via rainwater runoff (stormwater). This program is in the early stages of development and will be launched in 2023 following a period of stakeholder engagement.