Duty to report contamination

Landowners and parties responsible for land contamination must report the contamination to the EPA.

The Guidelines on the Duty to Report Contamination under the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997 (PDF 412KB)

  • explain when contamination should be reported based on the levels of contaminants in the land and other related factors
  • describe the steps you need to take to decide whether you should report contamination to the EPA
  • provide advice on engaging a contaminated land consultant
  • describe situations not intended to be captured by the duty to report
  • discuss examples of contamination where the duty to report may arise
  • set out the consequences of not reporting contamination when required, including prosecution and the penalty amounts that apply
  • outline how the EPA decides if the contamination is significant enough to need regulation, and what actions the EPA may take

All requirements for reporting contamination are under section 60 of the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997.

Reporting land contamination

To report land contamination to the EPA

The EPA publishes a list of NSW contaminated sites notified to the EPA.

Call the Environment Line on 131 555 for more information or advice.

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