Licensing for industrial chemical users and manufacturers

You may be required to hold an environment protection licence (EPL) issued by the EPA if you intend to:

  • carry out an activity regulated under a Chemical Control Order, OR
  • you are a user or manufacturer of an industrial chemical listed in Schedule 6 or 7 of the IChEMS Register and:
    1. you are using the chemical in a scheduled activity described in Schedule 1 of the POEO Act, regardless of the scale of the activity; and
    2. the use of the chemical is subject to a restriction or risk management measure in the IChEMS Register.

See New scheduled activities for environmentally hazardous chemicals.

Please note it is your responsibility to decide if you need an EPL. The Guide to Licensing can help you determine whether you are required to hold an EPL and provides information about how and where to apply for a licence and how licence fees are calculated.

Even if you are not required to hold an EPL, you must still comply with the environmental management requirements for industrial chemicals under the IChEMS Register (Part 9.3E Division 1 of the POEO Act).

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