EPA investigation into asbestos in mulch

We are currently investigating the discovery of asbestos in mulch at multiple locations, with the support of the NSW Asbestos Taskforce.

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We encourage the community to contact us via the form below if you have any concerns about recycled mulch around your home. We are also keeping the community up to date by email.

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The initial phase of supply chain testing is complete; however, the EPA’s criminal investigation is continuing to explore multiple lines of inquiry. This is a complex process including the potential presence of legacy asbestos at affected sites.

Asbestos Taskforce

The NSW Government established an Asbestos Taskforce to co-ordinate government agencies and assist in prioritising sites considered of highest risk to the public. This increase in resources will ensure affected sites are secured and remediated.

The Taskforce has supported the EPA’s investigations on the ground with crews from Fire and Rescue NSW, SafeWork, Public Works and the Natural Resources Access Regulator.

The Taskforce will continue monitoring the situation while moving to broader consideration of legacy asbestos in NSW.

Working together with community

Understandably, the discovery of asbestos in mulch at a variety of public locations has caused extensive community concern.

We know the closure of the public areas is frustrating for the community and we’re working as quickly as possible to understand the extent of the contamination.

We are working with councils, landowners, contractors and other agencies to ensure the sites are remediated and safe so they can be reopened to the public.

We are continuing to update the sites affected by asbestos in mulch so the community are aware when public areas and schools have been remediated. 

If you have concerns about your child’s school, we encourage parents to contact the school directly for the most up to date information.

What is the risk to community?

At all locations, except for 6, the type of asbestos discovered is non-friable or bonded asbestos. NSW Health advises non-friable asbestos is considered low risk to human health and the environment.

The best way to reduce the risk associated with asbestos is to prevent the fibres from being released by preventing damage, disturbance, or deterioration.

The EPA is extremely concerned by the discovery of asbestos in mulch and is taking strong action to establish the source and ensure removal of the affected material.

If you have health concerns about exposure to asbestos, we encourage you to contact NSW Health directly. 

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