Boral hydrocarbon spill – South Lismore

Incident occurred during the March 2022 floods.

During the flood, an undetermined volume of bitumen, asphalt and hydrocarbon (diesel and oil) escaped the Boral Asphalt (trading as Bitupave Ltd) site in South Lismore into the flood waters. Other sources of hydrocarbon contamination have also been identified associated with the operation of North Coast Petroleum. Other upstream sources also may have contributed.

A number of residential properties in South Lismore were impacted by bitumen, asphalt and hydrocarbon contamination, both inside and out.

As the premises is not licenced under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, Lismore City Council is the Appropriate Regulatory Authority in this case. We provided specialist regulatory and technical advice to Council in relation to the clean-up efforts.

Boral Asphalt has accepted responsibility for flood damage from Boral products at commercial and residential premises and Boral engaged specialist contractors to undertake cleaning works at affected commercial premises to remove bitumen and asphalt material. Council is monitoring the works.

Boral has successfully negotiated with the majority of the affected properties and is currently finalising agreements with the last few property owners. The terms of these agreements are confidential and unknown to Council or the EPA. The EPA continues to liaise with Council, who are working closely with Boral and residents to ensure that the clean up of these residential properties occurs in a timely manner.

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