22 Geelans Road Arcadia

EPA is regulating remediation at 22 Geelans Road, Arcadia in the Hornsby Local Government Area.

The EPA continues to regulate remediation at the site owned by Arcadia Investments Holdings through a clean-up notice. Works have started and are anticipated to be finished by 2 August 2024. The clean-up notice is available on the EPA's Public Register

The clean-up notice directs the Arcadia Investments Holdings to implement a remediation action plan to manage environment and human health risks from the contaminated soil. 

Works are being overseen by an independent site auditor and must be conducted in a way to minimise the risk of dust on the local community, including regular air monitoring. Effective sediment controls must be installed and maintained at the site. Arcadia Investments Holdings must also ensure any transport of contaminated soil off site is conducted in a manner that minimises dust, noise and traffic impacts and is taken to a lawful waste facility for disposal. 

The EPA is closely monitoring the progress of the remediation to ensure compliance with the clean-up notice, by:

Conducting regular inspections in your local area.

Reviewing Arcadia Investments Holdings’ environmental controls, monitoring data and reporting.

Responding to community reports. 

Reports from the community play an important role in monitoring environmental impacts. Community members can report any concerns about air, noise or water pollution can be reported to the EPA via Environment Line 131 555 or info@epa.nsw.gov.au.  


In 2017, Arcadia Investments Holdings facilitated the importation of approximately 20,000 tonnes of contaminated soil to the site. The EPA commenced proceedings in the NSW Land and Environment Court against Arcadia Investments Holdings for land pollution and causing waste to be transported to a place that could not lawfully be used as a waste facility. These proceedings concluded with the conviction of Paul Mouawad (also known as Boulos Isaac) in July 2023. Read the media release issued 21 July 2023